Join the Mary Parker Foundation to Transform 2000 youth with education, technology and entrepreneurship.

If you’re interested in becoming one of our Transform 2000 students, please join our waitlist. Applications and class information will be emailed soon!

The pace of innovation is accelerating. There are new challenges but also new opportunities! What’s critical is that we help our youth find their passion but also share business fundamentals that include becoming highly skilled, efficient, collaborative, empathetic, disciplined & trustworthy. NOW they will be prepared to navigate any landscape, become top prospects for corporations and be equipped to begin their own.

The 33,000 sq.ft. building is the home of MPF and sets on our 7.5 acre campus. We’re located in South West Atlanta at 2800 Campbellton Rd SW. We produce live broadcasts in our Netflix Certified studio and able to host over 1500 guests with generous parking.

The first phase is to build out 8 spaces: 5 Classrooms, a faculty lounge, a student break area and a social area to accommodate a minimum of 500 students and 25 instructors. Each classroom will include every amenity including seating, desks, laptops, hard flooring, video screens, PA system and live broadcasting and recording equipment.

Our in-house development team released Dxsk [desk] (, a learning management system that makes it easier to teach, learn, test, grade, view progress and receive certification all in one place. Instructors can quickly create classes, invite students and live-stream. Immediately after live-streams are finished, it’ll be available on-demand. Dxsk gives us the ability to impact the world.

All supporters receive the following benefits…


Real-time progress of the youth you’re sponsoring.

2. Opportunity to provide seminars, workshops, or other educational resources to students and the community.

3. KPI Report (Number of students participating in the sponsored activities, staff involved in the sponsorship, promotional activities or events held, alumni network connections made, initiatives completed, positive reviews and feedback, media impressions and social media engagements and overall ROI of the sponsorship MPF and the sponsor.)

4. 1 Minute Spots between lessons on free and paid courses. 

5. Branding and logo visibility on academy materials including website, brochures, and signage.

6. Acknowledgement of the sponsor in all publicity materials related to MPF. 

7. Access to the MPF student body for targeted marketing and promotional activities. 

8. Networking opportunities with other sponsors and potential partners. 

9. Use of the the MPF facilities for promotional and networking events. 

10. Collaboration on research projects and other initiatives. 

11. Access to MPF’s alumni network for potential job placements or other opportunities. 

12. Recognition at special events and ceremonies.

By partnering with MPF, you will be part of a movement that will have a positive and lasting impact on the underserved community. We are excited our initiatives align for us to create a more equitable society through education and be part of a cause that is greater than yourself. We look forward to all our planning together and invite you to join us to stamp out the Underserved community by granting them access to Resources Unlimited.


Become a sponsor for as little as $145 a month, for 12 months. Together we will Transform 2000 of our youth.

If you’re interested in donating a custom amount to support the MPF vision, please add it below.

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